How to Successfully Deploy Sales Employee Tracking App

Only the latest state-of-the-art technology is required to successfully deploy a GPS-based employee tracking application. As with any operational change, your employees may initially oppose it. Field / sales staff may worry about GPS-based apps. They may feel that their employer does not trust them. They may not even understand why you introduced a GPS-based Employee Tracking App? Involving your employees early in the deployment process, and by clearly explaining your goals for the technology, can make the transition easier.

Tips on getting started with employee tracking app

All the details are available at their finger tips like

  • Attendance record
  • Easily request for leave
  • Export attendance
  • Check his/her daily allocated target/tasks
  • Add daily status from anywhere or anytime
  • Easily request for allowances
  • View today’s appointments

Be open with your employees

Explain how the app works

Make sure they know it’s not personal

Be open to employee ideas

Don’t hide the benefits to the company

Keep the environment positive

Don’t expect all employees to be happy about the app

We hope all this will help you implement the employee tracking app successfully. You can always talk to your account manager at Chase App and get their expert advice before rolling out the app in your organization. Good Luck!

Chase app offers you complete solution that will help you to track your sales marketing team’s daily activities i.e. live location, attendance, allowance/leaves